2013-07-28 14.21.09I received a phone call a few nights ago from Edely Wallace of Lymphatic Yoga Expert in Orlando. Her assistant had called me a few hours before to see what time would be good, so I knew it was coming. It was the most wonderfully empowering 36 minutes of my life. Based on my history, Edely confirmed a lot of my research and gave me a lot of new information that I’m really excited about. She would like to meet me in person to further assess my situation and to teach me specific exercises for each limb. Two things I hadn’t known, though, were…

  • Never wrap all four limbs at the same time. Do two at a time. Legs one time, arms another. If you were to wrap/compress all four, it would overload your heart. Not good.
  • I may be systemic, but there is no such thing as “completely blocked”. Fabulous news considering I was told I was completely blocked. If your lymphatic system were completely blocked, you would be dead within 24 hours.

I mentioned the conversation I’d had with my gastroenterologist recently. My theory was that the lymph nodes in the upper portion of my abdominal area could be putting pressure on my diaphragm, in turn causing the hiatal hernia issues. Edely said that LE is a degenerative, progressive condition that will affect every part of my body, all of my internal organs. Left unchecked and untreated, it can cause permanent damage or even be fatal. The best part of the conversation with Edely was being told that there was no reason why I couldn’t treat and maintain my LE. Myself. At home. For someone who has been on disability since the first of the year, yet unable to get into therapy, this is incredibly wonderful news. She urged me to do diaphragmatic breathing three times a day for 20 minutes, elevate and massage my legs, and do the neck exercises she outlines on her site.

I’m looking forward to learning more and sharing it. There is one thing I just have to keep remembering:
LE is part of my journey, but it is not who I am.

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