Sprechen sie Deutsch?

One of the accounts that I follow on Facebook, Lymphoedema NZ, posted something that has me somewhat giddy. It has also made my fundraising for the rest of our trip to Europe an imperative. We are planning to visit a dear friend of mine in Rosenheim, Germany the first week of October and I just found out that the Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic, a 40-year old holistic Lymphedema treatment and management center, is 35 minutes away.

Can we say road trip?

Sadly, I cannot say with conviction right now that we will get there. We have our plane tickets, thankfully, but getting out of Lisbon to anywhere else is up for grabs currently. Funding fell through for the ground transportation and hotel portion (3kUS) of our three week trip to Europe.  It is in God’s hands, though I am not one to sit and wait, so I’ll be doing bake sales and Kickstarter…

The purpose of our trip is:

  • Educate my daughter (history, language, culture, Swing dancing in Sweden, and how to ride a 40-foot automaton elephant).
  • Research and photos for multiple freelance travel articles as well as for features for my magazine. (a way to help myself reach my goals)
  • Meet friends who are practically family that I have known (and some worked with) for 16 years in person for the first time. /SQUEE
  • Bucket list. I’m tired of saying “someday”. Someday is now. I may not be here next year.

Reading up on the clinic, I am going to contact them and see if I can learn more about Lymphology from their point of view, maybe see if I can hook up with them while we are out there. Also, they have facials and medical pedicures for people with Lymphedema…um…yes please! It also looks like they are associated with the Dr. Vodder (as in method) Academy. The Vodder method is what has been the most successful for me.

Excited and hopeful, I’ll post more about the Kickstarter fundraiser soon. In the meantime, my PayPal is renmeleon at gmail at com for anyone willing and able to throw a dollar or two our way to help us get there. I will be uploading photos from my phone (my only camera currently) to a blog site that I have built specific to that purpose. [ www.totraverse.com ] You will also find more about our trip there as well, so come follow along with us!

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