Photo Credit: VintageMedStock.com via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: VintageMedStock.com via Compfight cc

I am currently in search of an Endocrinologist. Per friends in the area who are nurses, it has been recommended that I look for one outside of Ocala; toward Gainesville or Leesburg.

I spoke to Edely Wallace again not long ago, the Lymphatic Yoga Expert in Orlando that I really want to meet, and she told me that she had just returned from training in Europe. She regularly makes trips to study up on the newest discoveries and information pertaining to her field. I love that.

This time, she took my case to them and got some new information.

Much to everyone’s surprise at the conference, Edely was told that I should look for an Endocrinologist – that there is a link between lymphedema and the pituitary and hypothalamus. I was thrilled to hear the news from someone in the field, about a new path to explore in my healing. It didn’t come as a shock to me, though, possibly because I have observed patterns my whole life that, with wiser eyes, I can see the connectivity of it all now.

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I used to go camping ALL the time. Seriously, all the time. In fact, there was a time that we went every weekend for several years with the exception, possibly, of Florida’s summer months. I loved it. I was in the SCA, a worldwide-spread medieval reenactment group, and there was always something going on. We packed healthy food most of the time, but soda was pretty prevalent. Mountain Dew especially.

I usually drank a lot of water, but the soda was handy as there was always a cooler nearby. There were times when my ankles would swell, usually in the summer, and I blamed the heat. An observant EMT friend of mine commented one time that I should stop drinking soda and I started seeing a pattern. When I drank soda, my ankles would swell. Hint number one.

So I started looking back further.

I was 5’7″ when I was nine years old and built like a 16-year old, C cup and all. I stopped around 5’11 3/4″ (basically 6′). I was always built big, even when I was near the slender end of things, and was nicknamed the Amazon, lovingly, by an ex-boyfriend’s grandmother; he was well over 6 foot and I was the first girl he’d dated that was “tall enough” for him, in her opinion. And I wore size 11 shoes.

Further back still, I’d always had recurring issues with my tonsils. Always, always, always. I can count on one hand the number of days I was well growing up. I was practically homeschooled, my mother bringing home weeks, sometimes months, of school work for me to do at home. Thank you, mom. xxoo¬†She argued with countless doctors to have them removed, but no one would do it. Mom was always considered a bit of a hypochondriac but, honestly, knowing what I know now, she was right 98% of the time.

But don’t tell her I told you that…

Photo Credit: renmeleon via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: renmeleon via Compfight cc


I’m a big journaler by nature. Occupational hazard. So I have started keeping a health journal within Evernote. I keep track of what I eat, how it makes me feel, the swelling in my legs, anything else I want to track. I can also scan in artwork and my hand-written journaling. I don’t track calories or intake values, that’s not why I do it. I look for patterns and weed out foods that may be causing me to not feel well. I also keep track of how much sleep I’m getting plus the things that make me happy and well.

Have you noticed any patterns in your life that have increased or lessened your symptoms?

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