Austria or Bust

My family and I are going to Europe for three weeks in a couple of months, a lifelong dream come true and the educational experience my daughter will never forget. I’ve been concerned about the trip, mainly 14 hours on a plane I don’t know if I will have enough legroom on, and whether or not we’d be able to get home. It sounds stupid, I know, but it really is a concern…

Our plane tickets go into Lisbon and we are supposed to fly home from Stockholm. All well and good, but the funding for our train tickets fell through and we currently have no way to get there. On top of that, we have to buy the tickets as soon as possible, because we have to make reservations on each train.

I’ve launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise the money and could use your help spreading the word. If you could pass it on I’d be grateful, if you can donate I’d be humbled. Our plane tickets are non-refundable and I have the opportunity to go to the largest holistic Lymphedema clinic in Europe, the Wittlinger Lymphedema Clinic. I am hoping to be evaluated; though I am not sure of cost, I’m researching it. They also do facial massages and pedicures specifically geared toward LE patients! As I have systemic Lymphedema, I am unable to get regular massages or pedicures and, though that is least of my goals, I cannot tell you how relaxing it would be if I could.

Anyway, if you’d be so kind as to pass on this link – – it will help us get to Wittlinger and home!

I am compiling a book of art, photography and stories from the trip (as well as for freelance travel articles) as an added source of income. I plan to launch the project on Kickstarter, but am not allowed (by their rules) for fundraise for the train tickets. The project, From the Back of an Elephant, is the reason we are making our way through five countries by plane, train, and elephant. If you’d like to know more, stop by

Thank you again for being here, it makes a difference.

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  1. The clinic looks wonderful. I contacted them and they charge €250 per day !!! But that does include everything ..treatment accommodation and food… A friend can stay with you for €52 per day in same room as you… They were booked out till September… .. A lottery win needed!!! What a wonderful trip you are planning…

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